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Who is Jorge Duran? – How a College Dropout Built True Wealth

And why should you care?
When it comes to living your best life possible, What do you consider the most

Jorge Duran: Simple.. Relationships & amp; Real Estate. I realized those were the most
valuable assets on planet earth. They aren’t making any more land and there really
aren’t that many consciously successful people. And I’m not talking about having lots of
money or followers.. I’m talking about being genuinely happy and filled with purpose.

So, What Is Aphno?

Jorge Duran: Great question, the name Aphno ironically stands for “rare wealth” in latin.
The idea is to build the world’s largest and most valuable network of like-minded dream
chasers. That being said, we make sure we have products and services that are aligned to help
our network succeed. We’re leveraging the biggest opportunity in our lifetime called “Omnipresent Branding”.

What exactly is omnipresent branding?

Jorge Duran: Basically, it’s when you or your product is in front of your ideal future customers – at all times. Traditionally, if you wanted to start a business, the only people you could sell to was to any one you knew or someone they knew. Today, we have the ability to use the internet to connect with whomever we want, at anytime.

How much is having a network really worth though?

Jorge Duran: I’ll tell you this.. someone has exactly what you want right this second. All you have to do is be connected to it.. Either by the universe or at least Wi-Fi.. A great example is from a mentor I always looked up to named Manny Khoshbin. Manny is a real estate investor that has sold over $800 million in real estate. Back in 2016, I reached out to Manny and messaged him that I would one day have a cigar with him.. Fast forward today, and I’m working with Manny on a new project. All because of the power of a network.

So how do I actually make money online then?

Jorge Duran: It all begins with having a skill that is worth paying for. Many times we don’t think outside the box and we go to regular ways of living, which is trading our time for money. Once you realize that we are paid in proportion to the problems we solve, we can just focus on what we’re really good at and passionate about. Once you’ve sharpened your high income skill, you need the right game plan to execute.

What does the right game plan look like?

Jorge Duran: Well, for everyone is different. But let’s say you wanted to make $10,000 a month. You could create a $1000 program and sell it to 10 people. Or $100 product to 100 people. The key is to make sure the value is 10 times the amount you are charging. That’s how you build lifetime customers. Always bring value first.

If it’s so easy, why isn’t everyone rich?

Jorge Duran: It isn’t easy – but we become comfortable with being “average”. And the thought of being successful means that you’re going to stand out from the rest. If you fail, the fear of embarrassment is too big to even think about. So we stay complacent. It all comes down to facing your fears. …Specifically coming to terms with mortality. It puts reality in perspective and things don’t seem as scary anymore (Dark). Dan Peña, The trillion Dollar man, says “ Fear stands for False. Expectations. Appearing. Real. That being said, everyone isn’t successful because everyone isn’t willing to overcome
their false expectations.

On a more light topic, what’s so special about real estate?

Jorge Duran: About 90% of the world’s millionaires are made through real estate. You
can literally start with nothing and build your way up.

If you could leave us with 3 tips what would it be?

Jorge Duran:

1. Awareness – When we start to ignore reality because things are tough, we tend to
build routines to help us cope. We must stay alert.
2. Focus- Distractions are dream killers. Stay on track and repeat successful actions
3. Applied Knowledge – Taking initiative on the things you are learning along the way.
4. Bonus: Courage- when you have fear, but you do it anyway.
• What should we expect from following your journey?
Jorge Duran: Apart from documenting how I generate massive wealth, I want to invite
you all on this journey to helping one another become our own version of success. As
for my goal, is to empower 10,000 people to empower 10,000 people to be successful.
For some it may be buying nice things, for others it’s being able to travel and enjoy the
good things in life. Or maybe spending quality time with quality people.
Regardless, having a tribe, or what I like to call “Aphnopreneurs” around to help us
along the way is priceless. My slogan is that we’re already “connected to success”. All
you have to do is stay connected.

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