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Why Typical Vitamins Just Won’t Cut it Anymore

We all prioritize vitamins as part of our daily routines, simply because we know how important it is to take your vitamins to support your health. The emphasis on health and ensuring we have all the nutrients we need to support a healthy immune system has only grown more significant in recent months. This non-negotiable part of many of our daily routines has shone a glaring spotlight on the many competing types of vitamin brands out there, as consumers try to dissect which brand provides the best ‘boost’ in those necessary nutrients and supplements. 

But something has emerged in recent years, turning the vitamin industry on its head: the very simple fact that many of the vitamins you know, love, and take daily aren’t actually being absorbed properly. This means that even if you pop one every day, your body isn’t getting the benefits that you think it is. 

Why Aren’t Typical Vitamins Effective?

The lack of efficacy in absorption can be because of how the vitamins are made. The way that some vitamins are manufactured or produced makes it so that they don’t dissolve the way they’re supposed to in our digestive system and processes. These are usually water-soluble vitamins. Essentially, vitamins are composed of the nutrients that we need alongside certain ‘casing’ or other ingredients that are supposed to help our digestive system carry the nutrients through our body. When these water-soluble vitamins don’t dissolve properly or at the right time, their nutrients can’t be absorbed properly, which means the vitamins aren’t doing as much for us as we think. They go through us without going into our bloodstreams.

This lack of absorption can also be due to a number of other factors, such as the Vitamin itself. For example, Vitamin C is infamous for its faltering lack of ability to be absorbed fully. Studies have shown that ideally, Vitamin C needs to be digested alongside other proteins to be absorbed at all. These small subtleties can make or break the efficacy of certain nutrients. But what is the everyday consumer supposed to do about this? 

This is where Manna Vitamins come in. Manna is new on the scene and at the forefront of customer education. They have studied the efficacy of vitamins at length – specifically, how certain nutrients need to be delivered through an individual’s digestive system to absorb properly. Manna Vitamins are liposomal vitamins, meaning that they have “liposomal delivery.” 

Liposomes are similar to the “lipid bilayer” that your cells are composed of. When your body recognizes a liposome (in this case, vitamin or nutrient is contained within it) as similar in composition, it will absorb it more readily as compared to a vitamin or nutrient without the liposomal technology.

“This makes the nutrients in the liposomes more bioavailable to our bodies, which increases efficacy,” explained Jeff Hill, co-founder of Manna. “Liposomes are actually the best way outside of intravenous injection to get the most benefits from taking vitamins.” Hill and his co-founder Ryan Farmer have studied vitamins and the body’s absorption process at length.

How Manna Vitamins Assist in Liposomal Delivery

Manna Vitamins are so absorbable because the nutrients are wrapped in a protective layer, safely transporting it through the digestive system to your small intestines where it is absorbed more efficiently. “This means that the vitamins share the same phospholipid membrane as cells, and therefore they are able to utilize your body’s natural nutrient delivery system for significantly increased absorption rates,” noted Hill.

“Part of this is ensuring that the vitamins and nutrients won’t be broken down in the acidic environment of the stomach; vastly reducing the nutrients’ ability to be absorbed once in the bloodstream. Once vitamins and nutrients make it through the harsh digestive process and arrive in the bloodstream, the liposome will readily be absorbed by the cells to better facilitate absorption of the Vitamin.”

The Manna team has studied and tested each of their vitamins rigorously, ensuring potency, purity, and composition. All flavoring and the packaging is all-natural, too. It’s important to go to these measures when every part of the consumed Vitamin will be absorbed into the individual’s bloodstream – a length that typical vitamins don’t usually go to.

Which Vitamins Need Liposomal Delivery

It seems straightforward that all vitamins one could consume would need this liposomal delivery to do any good for your body. But, Hill is honest that there are only a few vitamins that really need this formulation. Specifically, Vitamins A, D, E, and K are okay however they’re consumed. It’s Vitamins C and most B vitamins that could use the assistance of liposomal delivery in ensuring absorption. 

That’s why Manna’s product selection is smaller than the full scope of all vitamins you could take: they prioritize the nutrients that you most need help absorbing, such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, magnesium, COQ10, and even curcumin (a powerful natural anti-inflammatory supplement).

Whichever vitamins you prioritize taking, ensure that they do more for you than the typical ones. Absorption is key in taking any type of supplement or Vitamin. Otherwise – quite frankly – what’s the point?

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