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15 Growth Marketing Hacks to Generate More Sales

Marketing is an essential part of business. It can be difficult to decide what marketing strategies you should use, and how to measure if they are working or not. In this blog post I am going to share with you 15 marketing hacks that will get your business the attention it deserves, and generate more sales!


1. Own Your Audience

Every business has an audience. The best way to own your audience is by knowing them, and understanding what they want from you. This will allow you to offer the best possible content for them.

As a business it is important that you understand your audience and what they want from you.

This strategy may be difficult but if done correctly, it could bring in new customers as well as retain old ones who are already happy with your business.

Owning an audience means understanding their needs better than any other business does. It also allows businesses to give back by providing useful information about their products/services, which should make customers feel like they’re valued members of the company’s team.


2. Focus on your Existing Content

One way to market your business is by focusing on the content you already have. This will help develop an identity for your business, as well as show what it offers and how others can benefit from it.

Focusing on existing content may involve updating old articles or creating new ones that expand upon popular topics in your industry – like customer service tips or home management advice. Your business could also look at developing a blog where you provide information about upcoming events and news related to business marketing strategies.

In order to focus on existing content make sure you are always adding to your library of current posts so there’s something new for people to find every time they visit.


3. Building Relationships

Building relationships with potential business partners is an important marketing strategy. This will create a sense of trust and establish the foundation for future business opportunities.

One way to market your business is by building relationships with others in your industry – like customers and suppliers alike. It creates trust which may lead to new partnerships as well as increased sales from those who already enjoy doing business with you.

It’s also important to note that these strategies are not mutually exclusive. In order to build relationships, you might want to consider meeting business partners at trade shows as well as attending networking events in your area.


4. Encourage Word of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing is among the most powerful forms of advertising. It’s recommended that business owners encourage their customers to speak positively about them by:

  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Offering a world class product
  • Giving discounts or incentives to loyal followers

Encouraging word of mouth marketing makes sense because it costs less, and business owners can reap its benefits for years instead of relying on short term campaigns which may only last a few months.


5. Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to market business to potential customers. This strategy can be used for marketing campaigns, customer service and recruiting new employees.

The best social media platforms for business are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – but many others exist depending on what your business needs. Social Media will provide you with the opportunity to create an identity for yourself so people know who you are before they even visit your website or see one of your ads in person. The more active someone becomes on these networks the better their chances of success.

A successful business owner should use all available tools when it comes time to promote his business via social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn- not just because he may have some followers there already, but also because he’ll become a more visible business in the long-term.


6. Think Outside the Box

When business owners think outside the box, they come up with creative and original ideas that are often more successful than traditional marketing strategies.

One way to market your business is by being innovative and trying new things from time to time in order to keep customers interested.

Some good examples of these types of campaigns include: hosting contests or giveaways; arranging for free items in exchange for reviews on social media sites like Yelp or Amazon; making a video showcasing your company’s product as well as how it fits into people’s lives. It may be necessary at times to try something different if you want the results that you’re looking for – which means going out-of-the-box once in a while.

Many business owners find success when thinking creatively. These business owners are able to think outside the box in order to come up with a new marketing strategy that is different from what they’re used to.


7. Connect with Another Brand

Connecting with another business can be a great marketing opportunity. It’s important to take some time in advance of connecting and doing research on the business partner as well as their customers, competitors, and goals so you know what might work best for them when making an offer.

The first step is determining which business owners have something similar or complementary to your business that would make sense if they collaborated with you then contact those people directly to see how it may benefit both parties.

It only takes one successful collaboration before word spreads about what a good idea this was for everyone involved – leading more businesses down the same path until everyone benefits from increased sales and new opportunities are created.


8. Steal Ideas from your Competitors

Rather than worry about what your business rivals are doing, you may be better off stealing ideas from them and making those work for your own business. Successful business owners often steal the best marketing campaigns of their competitors to increase sales or improve customer service.

Stealing a few good ideas here and there is never going to hurt,  in fact it’s more likely that they’ll have been successful because others tried to copy them! So as long as you’re using these strategies for the benefit of your business and not just outright plagiarizing yourself, then this can actually lead to some great results down the road.


9. Leverage Data to Get More Customers

In business, data is king.

Data can help business owners better understand their customers in order to market more effectively and efficiently.

Doing so will allow business owners to create targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to the needs of potential clients – as well as make it possible for them to have a good idea about where they are most likely going to find new business opportunities.

The goal of using data should be really simple: get more sales by understanding your target audience and how best you can reach those people with the right message at the right time.

Whether you’re conducting surveys of customers, using a business intelligence system to organize your data, or simply looking at old sales records and demographics – leveraging the available information is an important step for business owners.


10. Add Videos to your Landing Pages

If you want to get more sales, then it is important to use video landing pages.

This will provide a business with an edge over its competitors by increasing conversions and click-through rates from potential customers who are likely looking for content that they can watch – not read.

Videos make business owners seem trustworthy as well which means consumers have more faith in what the business has to offer them. This leads people into believing that the product or service being offered may actually be something worth checking out because now there seems to be proof of their claims! Video marketing also makes advertising much less expensive than other avenues such as print media ads or billboards.


11. Offer Free Solutions

Many business owners offer free solutions to customers because they know that it’s what their potential clients are looking for. Often people like the idea of having a service or product available without paying anything in return but business owners may need to come up with some way of calculating how much value this is worth before offering something for free – if you can’t even calculate cost, then it’ll be difficult to price your products.

These types of offers often work best when business owners have high quality offerings and aren’t wondering where the next sale might come from; instead these offers can help them cultivate customer loyalty over time while continuing to find more opportunities as well.


12. Promote Content on YouTube Within the First 24 Hours

Promoting your business’s blog posts or videos on YouTube can be a great way of getting in front of new potential customers who may have never even heard about you before – and it will also give them an opportunity to see what type of digital marketing tactics that business is using.

If they like what they see then chances are good that those viewers will go back again later for another visit which means there could end up being some repeat business as well. This strategy has been used by many successful companies such as Netflix because once people find something they enjoy watching than all too often it leads to regular patronage when services become available online.


13. Create Polls and Send a Press Release to Increase Traffic

If business owners want to generate more traffic, then they should consider sending a press release.

This will be the perfect way of getting people excited about your latest blog post while also facilitating increased social media shares via Twitter and Facebook which can lead to rapid growth in new business leads.

It’s worth noting that using polls is another strategy for marketing that encourages customer loyalty over time by not only engaging current customers but also giving them a voice on what they would like to see from their favorite business next – which could very well open up additional opportunities for business expansion down the road.


14. Host a contest

People like contests and business owners who host them end up with a group of loyal fans that are more willing to share content – which will lead to increased business.

It’s also worth noting that hosting these types of contests can be an inexpensive marketing tactic as well because all business owners need is some sort of prize, something for the winner(s) to do and then they’re ready.

Plus it gives people a sense of pride knowing that their work was good enough or entertaining enough for other people to want to vote for it so needless-to-say this strategy has worked out really well in many cases.


15. Use the power of customer reviews

Many business owners like to use the power of customer reviews because it can be an effective way of marketing their business online.

Businesses should always ask for feedback after finishing up a transaction so that in the future they know exactly what worked well during those interactions versus areas where improvements need to be made.

It’s worth noting this strategy may prove ineffective for many business models simply because there might not even be any sort of rating system available; instead business owners will need to come up with a new strategy altogether.


John Lawson is one of the most trusted and experienced eCommerce professionals in the industry. John is the founder of The Ecommerce Group, which he started in 2011 to share his knowledge with other entrepreneurs in the industry. It’s the oldest eCommerce group on Facebook with over 8,500 members from around the world!

John speaks at conferences all around the world, including Retail Global, South by Southwest, Etail, Digital Summit, Hubspot Inbound, Ad-Tech and more. He also writes for several international publications such as Power Retail, Small Business Trends and Disrupt Magazine.






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