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7 Ultimate Social Media Tips to Increase Your Reach

Social media is an incredible marketing tool, but it can be hard to know where to start. Social Media are essential for any business that wants a successful marketing strategy. Social media has changed the way we communicate with one another and how businesses interact with their customers.

The following 7 Social Media tips will help you get started on your journey towards building your business online!


Tip 1: Use High Resolution and Compelling Images

Social media is a visual medium. Social Media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn expect high resolution and compelling images in order to get the most engagement from their users. Get those people hooked on your product with some awesome pictures.

Social media marketing will be more effective when you use higher quality photos as they are shared much more often than lower res versions! This means that by using good, clean imagery, consumers have an increased chance of sharing it with others which can lead to better traffic generation for your website or blog posts through social shares such as Twitter shares, Pinterest Pins, Facebook Likes etc.


Tip 2: Learn About your Target Audience 

Social media marketing is a great way to learn about your target audience. Social media platforms are often used as forums for people to share their opinions, and you can use this information in order to make strategic decisions with regards to how you interact on those networks.

Interact with your customers by asking them questions or running polls through Facebook posts or Tweets – it’s a great tool that will let you know what they really think about your product or service. This feedback could be the difference between quickly scaling up production if there seems like there is market demand, and also slowing down if consumers seem indifferent towards something new.


Tip 3: Use the Art of Storytelling

Social Media platforms are the perfect place to share your story. Social media marketing is all about making connections with people and using these networks for storytelling can be a great way to connect. Social media users are particularly interested in content that has personal meaning or resonates on an emotional level, so use this as a tool when you’re crafting social posts.

It’s not just enough to put up some random thought or post without any context, because if it doesn’t have any value then there won’t be anyone who cares enough to read it – which means no engagement from followers. By telling stories instead of posting mindless status updates such as “I had my coffee today!” would make more interesting reading material for Social Media followers. Social media marketing is all about making connections with people, and using storytelling can be a great way to do so.


Tip 4: Be Unique in your Content

Social media marketing can be a great way to promote your business, but it has changed the rules of what constitutes as “cool.” Social Media is now about being unique in your content and not following trends that are overdone.

By having a different take on Social Media you’ll have more room for creativity with how you create posts because there will be less competition out there. This means that if consumers see something they’ve never seen before then they’re much more likely to share it – which leads to increased engagement from followers who follow you.


Tip 5: Craft your Social Media Content Carefully

Social media marketing is a very delicate balance. Social Media platforms are meant to be fun and social, but too much of one thing can lead to disaster. Social media users have short attention spans so it’s important that you craft your content carefully in order for them not to get bored or turned off by what they’re reading.

The point of Social Media Marketing is that people engage with the content – this means shares, likes etc., which translates into more traffic on your website. If consumers don’t bother engaging because your posts were boring then there won’t be any engagement from followers – leading inevitably reduces visibility on Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter, which would result in lower traffic generation for websites or blogs. Social media marketing is all about making connections with people, and crafting content that will garner engagement from followers can lead to increased traffic on websites or blogs in the long-term.


Tip 6: Host a Live stream on your Instagram Story

Social Media is all about being in the moment, and one of the newest Social Media platforms that has really taken off this year are Instagram Stories. You can use them to host a live stream for your followers which will be much more interactive than simply posting content on Facebook or Twitter.

For businesses that already have an established presence on Instagram, hosting a livestream would make it easier for followers to interact with you – while also giving people just tuning into your story something interesting to watch. Social media marketing is all about making connections with people through social posts, and having a live-streamed event could help generate traffic not only by getting those watching interested in your product but by inviting potential customers out as well.


Tip 7: Build your Authority

Social Media Marketing is a great way to establish your brand on Social Networks, but it’s also important to build up authority as well. One of the ways you can do this is by showing proof that you know what you’re talking about in terms of Social Media marketing – so make sure all posts are backed with legitimate sources or statistics wherever possible.

Having some credibility within Social media networks will help consumers trust and believe what they read from an authoritative source even more than someone who doesn’t have any form of credentials behind them. It would be much easier for people to follow someone like Seth Godin because he has years’ worth of experience writing books and blogging online which gives him credibility immediately – while other bloggers might not have this same form of Social Media authority.


John Lawson is one of the most trusted and experienced eCommerce professionals in the industry. John is the founder of The Ecommerce Group, which he started in 2011 to share his knowledge with other entrepreneurs in the industry. It’s the oldest eCommerce group on Facebook with over 8,500 members from around the world!

John speaks at conferences all around the world, including Retail Global, South by Southwest, Etail, Digital Summit, Hubspot Inbound, Ad-Tech and more. He also writes for several international publications such as Power Retail, Small Business Trends and Disrupt Magazine.




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