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9 Social Media Hacks That You Might Not Know

Social media is a huge part of social life today. It’s not just for socializing with friends and family anymore – social media has become an important marketing tool. A lot of people use social media to promote their businesses, but there are a few tricks that you might not know about. In this blog post, we will share 9 social media hacks that will help your business get more exposure on social networks.

Social media can be used in many different ways; it all depends on the type of content you want to put out. But one thing is certain: using social media correctly can really make a difference between success and failure when trying to market your business online. If done right, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn offer countless opportunities to get your business out there.

News feed algorithms make it harder than ever before to reach the news feeds of other Facebook users unless they have specifically liked or followed your page (or both). But using these tactics can really give you an edge over the competition when trying to increase engagement on Facebook, which in turn means getting ahead in terms of social media marketing.


1. Use Facebook Ads

Using Facebook ads is one of the best ways to reach out to new audiences and build a following on social networks. In fact, in most cases it’s cheaper than trying to boost your post organically (which is very hard). You can target specific demographics or interests when creating an ad with Facebook, which gives you access to entirely new segments that would be otherwise unavailable if using organic content alone.

For example, let’s say you’re selling watches online and wanted more traffic from people who live nearby in London – this isn’t possible without running at least some Facebook Ads. Most social media users don’t realize how simple social offers are compared with email sign-up offers, but they actually convert much better because they typically require less information.


2. Use Twitter Ads

Twitter is another social network that can be used to market your business, but the social offers aren’t as good as those you find on Facebook. On both social networks, it’s important to keep in mind that people receive hundreds (if not thousands) of notifications every day and they’re unlikely to follow through with all of them.

One way to get social media users interested is by using social offers that are relevant to what they’re doing at the time. You can do this with Twitter ads, for example, which you could target specifically towards people who are tweeting about a specific topic or product/service of interest.


3. Streamline Blab Interviews

The sky is the limit; social media can be used in almost any way you want. It’s all about knowing what social offers to use and how to use them that counts. Use these tips on social networking sites like Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn; they will help your business get ahead of the competition online. Blab offers social media marketers a social network where they can connect with other social networks for free.

Blab recently launched its own monetization system, which means that users can now make money from their webcasts by adding things like pre-roll ads before the stream starts.

In addition, companies who want people to look over products or services can pay bloggers, influencers or anyone else who has access to target audiences via Blab. This opens up endless opportunities for those looking for ways of making cash using social offers.


4. Define Your Goals

Every business has different social networking site’s needs, which means there isn’t one-size-fits all approach when it comes to achieving success on social networks. Defining your goals will go long way in helping you build an effective social network marketing plan that aligns perfectly with what your company wants out of its online presence.

For example, social offers that work spectacularly on Facebook might not be as effective on Twitter, which is why it’s key to understand what you’re trying to achieve and how social networks can help.

Defining goals means creating SMART objectives (specific, measurable achievable results-oriented) for each social network. Once the objective is defined, things such as budgeting or timing should also be taken into account.


5. Embrace your Mistakes

No social media marketer is perfect, and that’s okay. The best social offers are those that help you learn from previous mistakes or problems that have been encountered in the past. By using social networks as an experiment to see what works and what doesn’t, you’re far more likely to discover new ways of making your social networking site campaigns a success.

The most important thing about embracing your social network mistakes is learning how not to repeat them again going forward so avoid being too stubborn when it comes to trying out different things on social websites, especially if they don’t appear to be working at first glance. Knowing when something isn’t right with a campaign can save time and money before giving up entirely.

6. Optimize your Profile

By optimizing your social website profile, you can increase the chances of people visiting and engaging with them. This includes uploading a great cover photo (keeping in mind that it should be consistent across all social websites so as not to confuse users), filling out your biography section and adding links back to your official site or blog where they can find more information about who you are and what services/products you offer.

Optimizing social network profiles is also a good way to keep track of all online mentions and interactions that may pertain to your business, including those by competitors or reviewers. This will help you quickly respond if someone has mentioned something negative about your brand-or reply back if a customer reaches out for support.


7. Spy On Your Competitors

Social media is an excellent way to spy on your competitors in order to see what they’re doing in social websites. By taking a look at their profiles, it’s possible to find out who the company has partnered with and learn more about how users are responding.

By Spy’ On Your Competitors , you can easily find out what’s working best for social websites users/companies and use that information to make improvements on social media profiles moving forward. It also helps brands understand how other companies approach social networking sites campaigns so as to set up better strategies in the future.


8. Put Offers at the end of your Videos

Social websites users are often watching social media videos because they want to be entertained, not sold. That’s why placing calls-to-action at the end of videos can actually work in your favour. It gives social networkers a chance to enjoy entertaining content first before being reminded about what you have available.

Offer Calls -To-Action help maximize social website video views by reminding registered visitors/customers who may have forgotten about an offer or discount that is currently running for those interested in checking it out again after viewing their favorite social networking site clips . This type of reminder helps companies stay top-of-mind so as to avoid losing out on business due to people needing more time to think things through if there weren’t any offers presented at the time social media videos were watched.


9. Post your Snapcode on your other Social Platforms

The social website Snapcodes is an excellent way for social networkers to quickly scan your profile so as to follow you. It’s the easiest way possible, and allows users who may be on-the-go at certain times or using older/lower tech devices (such as those without front cameras) the chance connect with brands they find interesting from a social websites perspective.

Posting your social media profiles Snapcode is also an excellent idea because it helps make connecting easier , which can lead to more potential customers learning about what you have available in terms of products/services via their favorite social networking sites . By making things simpler, updating information becomes less time consuming. Social networks allow people all over the world access into businesses that might otherwise only been seen locally.

It helps maximize the potential for social websites users to quickly follow along with your company’s activities, and can help you get ahead of competitors who may not be utilizing this strategy. While social website spy’ services might allow people to find out what others are up-to, posting Snapcodes everywhere ensures that all followers will know how they can stay connected at any time.



John Lawson is one of the most trusted and experienced eCommerce professionals in the industry. John is the founder of The Ecommerce Group, which he started in 2011 to share his knowledge with other entrepreneurs in the industry. It’s the oldest eCommerce group on Facebook with over 8,500 members from around the world!

John speaks at conferences all around the world, including Retail Global, South by Southwest, Etail, Digital Summit, Hubspot Inbound, Ad-Tech and more. He also writes for several international publications such as Power Retail, Small Business Trends and Disrupt Magazine.


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