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How Kyle Klosowski Built an Elite Credit Company from Nothing

Kyle Klosowski is an inspiring entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who went from selling pizzas to owning multiple top-tier businesses


From Selling Pizzas to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire 

Kyle began his journey working at New York Pizza Department (NYPD). He often struggled, as his single mother was on disability, but did her best to provide. Kyle would work long hours just to make ends meet, even though he was much too skilled for his position. Kyle quickly climbed the ranks at NYPD Pizza, which he credits to his mentor, James. He recalls observing the way James effortlessly communicated with customers and established lasting relationships. This was a skill Kyle relentlessly practiced until one day, James offered him the opportunity to buy the establishment, as he wished to continue branching out his business. Surprisingly, Kyle declined the offer as he was not passionate about the food industry. He wanted to pursue his dreams and passion of working with motorcycles. 

Klosowski paved his way through school attending class during the day and working at night, still struggling just to get by. He eventually graduated MMI and began working with various motorcycle shops. After gaining experience and extensively studying the industry, Kyle created his first company, Motorcycle Maniacs. Klosowski found some success with his first business, and sold it just one year later. Although Motorcycle Maniacs did well, it didn’t take long for him to realize that the income he was earning was not going to supply him with the lifestyle he wished to attain. After selling Motorcycle Maniacs, Klosowski took some time off and later built a digital motorcycle store by the name of Cycle World. Since then, it has become a self-sustaining business, leaving room and time for Kyle to diversify his efforts and legacy.

After some time, Cycle World no longer required Kyle’s attention to operate. He was able to focus his time and energy on new ventures, where he and his partners created a company by the name of Credit 101. Kyle greatly enjoys teaching and helping people, so the world of credit consulting and repair was a great fit for him. Over time, Kyle has helped countless individuals get their lives back on track, while also educating countless others on the ins and outs of the credit world.

Teaching, Consulting, and Repairing Credit to Change Lives

Kyle has always had a strong passion for helping, educating, and inspiring others. Through his company, Credit 101, he is able to accomplish all three of these things on a weekly basis. When Kyle works with clients to repair their credit, he often senses that his clients experience what it feels like to be given a “second chance” at their lives. It’s often a very overwhelming experience, and Kyle finds great joy in his work. He also strives to educate and consult those who do not understand the world of credit, and emphasizes the importance of leveraging capital and understanding all of the vast details that the credit realm consists of.


Mastering Business Management

Kyle is the first to admit that being an entrepreneur can be extremely difficult when first starting out. Although he was earning minimum wage making pizzas, he often attributes much of his success to his days at New York Pizza Department. It was there that Kyle learned discipline, communication skills, management skills, and discovered that he never wanted to work for someone else again.

Klosowski’s first business, Motorcycle Maniacs, was a great learning experience as a business owner. Although it did well, it was not good enough for Kyle’s standards. He mentioned that he does not want to just be financially comfortable, but he wants to have complete financial freedom, a goal he would not be able to acquire owning his previous motorcycle shop. After spending some time brainstorming and coming up with the idea to build a digital motorcycle parts store, Kyle created Cycle World. This motorcycle shop found great success as a digital used-parts store on eBay, and to this day remains the largest motorcycle used-parts store on eBay.


Where can readers keep up with Kyle Klosowski online?

You can visit Kyle’s website, or follow him on Instagram.

Paul Delia is a published author and entrepreneur from New York City. He now resides in The Bay Area. Before moving to the West Coast, Paul was heavily involved in the NYC commercial real estate scene.


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