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How This 20 Year Old Makes Multiple 6 Figures From Her Online Business Whilst Pregnant and Helping Others Do the Same

It’s not often you meet a 20-year-old who has figured out how to build and scale a multiple six-figure income in 6 months, all whilst 5 Months Pregnant! Meet Lacey Madison, Business & Marketing consultant and founder of the Authority Queens Framework, which focuses on helping ambitious multi-passionate female entrepreneurs scale their business in a way that aligns with them. 

Lacey shares with us how she was able to build a multiple six-figure business in less than 6 months, whilst still only working a few hours a week and being able to focus on all that motherhood and pregnancy have to offer. 


How did you get to start your coaching business? What pushed you to get into this industry? 

Lacey: Something that very few people know about me is that I actually started my first educational platform and coaching business in 2015. It was called The Lady Boss Collective. Let me tell you I made maybe $100 from it, but I knew educating and mentorship was my calling. 

One thing many know about me and my story though is that I am the absolute Queen of Pivots! So for a few years, I put my head down and started a few successful companies. My partner and I had a PR & influencer agency, at the same time I was running a bespoke web design & personal branding agency and things were good! I was successful and had no problem making money but something felt off, I just knew it was not my calling! It didn’t inspire me when I woke up in the morning. 

I then moved into social media management and virtual assistant work briefly thinking it would be my entryway into something more lucrative and … well let’s just say magic snowballed from there. During this time I started working with my first mentor and after a few sessions, she immediately turned to me and said “You need to pivot into business coaching”. Then and there I knew she was right and that it was time for me to try again! 


How were you able to quickly scale your business to earn six figures?

Lacey: It truly was a combination of factors, I had spent years cultivating a personal brand and building Influence. It is not the followers that count, but the community, and I am forever grateful that I took the time to create a loyal community that was ready to support each of my pivots. 

However in saying that, I think it was also a combination of thoughtful & intentional strategy and divine timing. As I said, I truly needed the time and space to grow into the business owner I was meant to be with the experience I was meant to have. I am a major coo coo for all things energy, and growing up I was always pulled to do something greater than what others had set out for me. My family, friends and peers used to laugh at me when I would start businesses and build my personal brand online, they all said I was so embarrassing, young and that I didn’t need to worry about the business yet but I knew in my heart that they were wrong. 

I was obsessed with staying ahead of the curve and deathly afraid of being like everyone else. So I guess since I was a young girl I had been telling myself that I was going to be a successful business owner before I even knew how exactly it was I was going to make it happen. 

To this day, I truly believe that those years of manifesting and embodying the version of life and business that I always dreamed of is the only reason I have the business that I do today, and am able to provide for my family and soon to be son! 

The biggest shift that happened in my business was going from 6-figures to multiple 6 figures where I made it a priority to step into and think in the mindset of my 7-figure self. I had to learn to stop making excuses for myself and to stop playing small because I knew my higher self would thank me for it down the road. 

I also focused on high ticket sales from the start, I never fancied the numbers approach that many course creators utilise heavily inside of their business but rather a relationship first approach where real change and impact can occur inside of clients business. 

You can make the same amount in sales from 5 1:1 coaching clients as you can from selling your course to 200+ People. When you run a business that focuses on making more while working less you have more time and freedom to be able to execute seamless expansion and scaling plans that take you from one level to the next. 

But most importantly I would not be the business owner that I am if it weren’t for my mentors! I just started my business and was investing $6000 a month in coaches alone (call me crazy but I would not have it any other way). Investing in support, accountability and strategy allowed me to scale to the higher end of 5-figures within 2 months of starting my business, and my revenue has only started to triple itself since then. 

Acknowledging that doing what you did to get to where you are now is not going to get you to where you need to be. Successful business owners don’t sit around and wait for opportunities to come to them. They invest in opening the doors to create opportunities for themselves. If you want to start making real money then you need to decide to start taking real action. 


What advice would you give to people who want to build successful businesses while still remaining remote?

Lacey: Business does not have to be as hard as everyone makes it out to be. My biggest pet peeve is the pressure of “hustle culture”. I think it is so incredibly toxic and so far from the case! I scaled to 6 figures working less than 5 hours a month. You do not need to run yourself into the ground to start a business. 

But starting a business is only going to be as hard as you make it! I didn’t build this business alone, I had an amazing support system and a team of mentors and assistants that supported and facilitated my growth from the beginning. I always say, “you don’t need a coach to build a successful business, but you do need a coach if you are looking for the tools, resources, accountability, strategy and mentorship necessary to bring your results and help you reach milestones 10x faster than you would on your own.”

It is not hitting multiple 6-figures at 20 that lights me up, it’s the looks on my client’s faces when I empower them to lead with conviction and authority to start manifesting their dream businesses and ultimately their dream lives. Whilst yes I worked my ass off to get to where I am, I am forever and eternally grateful for the team and support I have standing by my side every step of the way. 

If you would like to learn more from Lacey, follow her Instagram for valuable content, or to work with her, visit her website.

Lewis Schenk is an Australia-based Entrepreneur, Writer & PR Consultant. His work has been seen in Entrepreneur Magazine, International Business Times, Addicted2Success & The Good Men Project. Lewis is passionate about sharing empowering stories from people around the world, particularly those in entrepreneurship & business. He has been privileged to work with over 600 businesses and entrepreneurs, helping them amplify their message and build their brand & online presence.


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