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Inspiring Leaders Share Secrets To Transforming The Mind In New-Age Entrepreneurship

In leadership, we can experience can emotional challenges that deeply affect our psyche and mental state. One moment we feel as though we’re drowning. Next minute we feel on top of the world and unstoppable. That feeling comes to a sudden halt when a curve ball is thrown at us. Sometimes we even want to give up completely.

There is now a surging rise in leaders who are transforming their mind, so they can better navigate their entrepreneurial journey with more ease and flow. These 4 powerful men have gone to work, tapping into their deep inner wisdom for greater success and impact, and are lifting the tide for humanity in the process.

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is one of today’s most influential minds in the fields of personal growth and human consciousness. He is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, a world-leading personal growth education company and is behind several top-ranking health and wellness apps.

Abandon “brules”

“At Mindvalley, I challenge employees regularly to abandon “brules” (bullsh*t rules) that don’t serve their purpose and instead encourage them to focus on 5 pillars for flourishing in the workplace. These 5 pillars are growth, happiness, abundance, significance, and meaning. In a nutshell, cultivating an environment that puts a strong emphasis on working together and encouraging consistent growth for everyone – at all levels.

The purpose of your organization or brand should extend beyond just “leading your industry” or “making great revenue”. It should also be clear on its relationship with the wider community and what it wants to give back to society at large.”

Liberate yourself from the need for significance

“When people are liberated of their need to feel significant and truly believe they are good enough, they start operating at a level of higher power. When I started listening to my inner voice, my vision of building a new type of business and the world’s greatest workplace fueled me. I had to step away from logic and go within to understand my inner motivation for what I am meant to do.

By doing this, the people and the pieces we need come together in a way that they never have before. We’ll attract the right partner, collaborators, and clients. We’ll make win-win deals with others. We’ll get into our creative flow faster. Bottom line is that YOUR personal growth comes first. When you are at peace with yourself, you can better care for your loved ones and thrive in life and career.”

Simon Hall

Simon Hall has created a world-leading hub designed to empower, free, and connect people around the world. Across The Nourish Group’s platforms, they provide people the tools, networks, and support needed for them to grow personally and create lives filled with purpose and meaning.

Know the difference between your intuition and your ego

“If you don’t follow your intuition and your guiding light from the inside, you will be cracked by the universe and put on the right path. This played out time and time again in my story. The voice was there, my low self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth was there. But my ego was so powerful that it bankrupted my first business. I wasn’t listening to my intuition.

Following that, awareness is the first point of change. Once we’re aware of something, we can change it. If we’re not aware, we’re not going to see the red flags and signals.”

Less is more when it comes to mindfulness practice

“The world of self-development leads us to believe we need everything, that we need special nutrition, that we need to meditate, do breathwork, journal, and then reflect on our journal entry. If we do this daily, suddenly we’ve lost a huge chunk of our day. Just pick 1-2 that are your non-negotiables that work best for YOU.

A lot of people also believe that goal setting and creating vision boards is all that’s needed. If we do this without going inwards and getting to the core of who we are, then what we’re most likely doing is creating someone else’s vision. We think we want the supercar, the 7-figure income, all because others and social media made us think we want it. But more often than not, all we want to do is just be happy and help people.”

Preston Smiles

Preston Smiles characterizes himself as “Consciousness and pure love, in a space named Preston Smiles”. He is a world-renowned Personal Freedom coach, living into the philosophical belief that until we are personally free, nothing else really matters.

You’re playing either the outside-in game or the inside-out game

“There are only two games happening in this world: the outside-in game or the inside-out game. The outside-in game says that the money, cars, likes, botox, biceps, booty, politics – all of the things make people feel safe enough, good enough, pretty enough, or worthy of being on this planet. The inside-out game says “I am perfect whole and complete but not finished. I am a unique emanation of the most high, and that emanation is expressing itself as me”. When I’m playing the inside-out game, my life and everything that I’ve seen and experienced is absolutely amazing, even when it’s ugly and even when it’s messy.”

Mindset work alone isn’t enough

“If you asked someone what a Life Coach was 5 years ago, maybe 2 out of 10 people would know. Now, I would say 8 out of 10 people would know. To me that that’s progress. I believe the next evolution of leadership is the evolution of the body, embodiment, and understanding that the body is a living library that stores everything we’ve ever been through. A lot of people get caught up solely in the mindset work but haven’t allowed themselves to process the traumas that live in their body – trauma that can’t always be dislodged with a new thought.”


Adam Roa

Adam Roa is the son of immigrant parents from the Philippines who was raised on the American dream of achievement. He is now a world-renowned leader who is known for paving the new way by leading with authenticity and vulnerability and has and collaborated and spoken for audiences such as Goalcast and Mindvalley.

Authenticity is currency in leadership

“Authenticity is currency. We now live in a world where nobody trusts anything anymore such as the government, news, school systems, and doctors. The best thing we can do now as leaders is to be authentic, transparent, real, raw, and vulnerable. Business becomes so much easier this way as it means you no longer have to put on a facade or persona.

Money will follow authenticity and integrity because that’s what people are desperately wanting right now. Transparency is one of the most vital components of every new leader and business that’s going to make it in the long run because the old systems are now crumbling. The reason why it’s reached this point is because it hasn’t been built on transparency. And when there’s no transparency, there’s no trust.”

The act of being authentic and transparent is a powerful healing process in itself

“We must always remember there is both an internal and external aspect of ourselves. The internal aspects are parts of ourselves we want to hide or don’t want people to know about. Whenever we feel shame, guilt, blame, or judgement towards ourselves (that we haven’t yet integrated into wholeness) this means we haven’t healed those parts. The reason why we don’t want others to know is because we haven’t come to peace with it within ourselves. As soon as we start the process of being authentic and transparent, especially about the things we would rather hide, this is where we begin making peace with it.”

These men are at the forefront of a new wave in new-age entrepreneurship and what it means to embody traits that are then reflected to the outside world, creating our reality in a way that feels good. In typical corporate structures this level of thinking is usually not taught or welcomed so it takes strong and steady leaders to go first and pave the way for others.




Kelly Wing is the CEO + founder of Ohwabisabi Media. She amplifies and creates synergy between the world's most powerful voices through press and media across 20+ platforms. Creating the world's first media platform that serves as a voice for conscious creators, her co-creation strategies are designed to serve and support humanity as we collectively enter the New Earth paradigm. www.ohwabisabimedia.com / kelly@ohwabisabimedia.com


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