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Performance is the Key to Success – 10 Leading Performance Coaches to Follow

Brad Cassidy 

Brad Cassidy is a leading authority in Personal Performance and Investor Success, with an extensive background in corporate strategic planning and execution. As someone practices what they preach, Brad has been trained and mentored by the world’s best performance coaches, including Tony Robbins and Brendon Buchard. 

On paper, Brad is a Certified High-Performance Coach, Speaker, and Investor, and husband and loving father to twins. Beyond that, however, he owns a multi-million dollar property portfolio, has built multiple successful businesses, and has also been an international fitness model champion.

Brad’s ethos is centered around strategy meeting action, knowledge meeting effective execution, and mindset meeting momentum. Combining spiritual growth with tangible results, Brad’s ability to help his clients generate financial abundance is a stepping-stone to the life they want to live. 

Brad’s products, programs, and services provide critical planning and execution skills, focus, and productivity skills so that people can manage their life whilst on their own unique journey of success and achievement. He also dives deep into investor psychology, negotiation skills, and communication, through his proprietary M.A.P Formula (Method, Alignment, Performance)

His vision is to enable the lifestyle of choice for as many people as possible – a life without limitations. If you’re looking to improve your performance, grow your business, and ultimately live a prosperous life, Brad Cassidy has the knowledge and breadth of experience to get you there.

Lindsay Briner 

Lindsay Briner is a world-renowned performance coach, neuro-psychologist, and wellness technology consultant. Having spent years honing her craft, Lindsay best-known for her expertise and academic accomplishments in the fields of meditation, transformative technology, transpersonal psychology, and the neuroscience of high-performers. 

Lindsay has spoken as a keynote speaker all around the world at several academic conferences, and her work has been featured in American Journal of Psychology, TransTech Academy, Medium’s Mental Health editions, and more. Lindsay has coached executives and leaders dedicated to radically evolving culture using a unique approach. 

Lindsay’s approach is based on a combination of the neuroscience of high-performers and positive psychology. This helps executives harness flow states and more to reach the maximum levels of development and rise as leaders of the New Future to create exponential growth. Not only in their industries but also in their lives. Working with her clients, she helps them rewire limiting beliefs and teaches them to meditate, so they can understand the nature of their own minds. 

Unlike most, what separates Lindsay is her PhD-level training in neuroscience and psychology. She also has a wealth of experience under her belt because she worked in a Silicon Valley lab for her PhD internship where she studied awakening/nondual awareness, also known as self-transcendence. Additionally, she has expertise in neuro-tech and she helps clients find the best options to suit their lifestyle and goals.

Daniel Diaz

Founded by Daniel Diaz, Peak Life Now is a mission-driven company that helps entrepreneurs and leaders achieve their highest level of performance and fulfillment. Daniel offers a heart-centered approach that focuses on the transformation of habits and mindset. It’s his goal to positively affect the people he works with by helping them step deeper into their power and live a life of endless possibilities.

Daniel was once trapped in a long, vicious cycle of addiction, bad habits, poor relationships, and toxic environments. Despite owning and operating multiple 7-figure hospitality businesses, he still found himself feeling empty and unfulfilled. His focus in personal development completely transformed his life and business. Through this transformation he discovered a calling to help other high achievers expand upon their fulfillment and adventure in life. Peak Life Now offers step-by-step guidance to maximizing your joy, adventure, performance, and contribution in life.

Through the power of one-on-one and group coaching, Daniel helps his clients remove limiting beliefs and toxic patterns so they can create a rock-solid mindset coupled with unwavering habits. Peak Life Now offers a unique approach; while most peak performance mentors focus on growth through a fast-paced, high-achieving mentality, Daniel focuses on a heart-centered process where clients can find true fulfillment and thus maximize their execution, performance, and growth.

Duane Carlisle 

Coach Duane Carlisle is a Premier Health and Wellness Consultant, former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the San Francisco 49ers, John Maxwell Certified Teacher, Speaker, and Top High-Performance Coach to business executives and sports officials. 

He founded Carlisle Performance Systems in 1994 and, alongside his team of Sports Scientists, Sports Psychologists, and Sports Nutritionists, he has helped countless individuals reach their physical and professional goals. They work directly with high-profile NFL executives to develop personalized fitness training strategies, analytical performance assessments, mental preparation exercises, and wellness education. 

Coach Carlisle is known for his positive attitude, depth of knowledge, passion, and commitment to his clients. These characteristics set him apart from the rest and allow him to be an outstanding resource for fitness enrichment. Through Carlisle Performance Systems, he provides clients with a one-stop-shop that will further their development. 

Carlisle Performance Systems provides access to a huge network of professional coaches, trainers, and experts, that clients can take full advantage of. They also provide many options, so clients can combine training with an expert nutrition plan, performance testing, mindset training, and more. Coach Carlisle will be there every step of the way and he is the kind of performance coach who loves what he does and cares about you; mind, body, and soul!

Dr. Nilesh Satguru 

Dr. Nilesh Satguru is an award-winning and certified High-Performance Coach, and a triple-certified medical doctor. He is currently the only person in the UK to hold these qualifications and he is on a mission to inspire people to Believe in Growth through his unique and effective coaching business. 

There are three significant moments in Dr. Satguru’s life and career; witnessing his father’s illnesses, his son’s developmental challenges, and leaving his medical partnership. These moments drove him to dedicate himself to self-mastery and serving others through coaching. 

Dr. Satguru founded the Believe in Growth to help compassionate entrepreneurs serve from their highest potential without having to sacrifice their freedom. Through his own personal experience, he was able to uncover the four foundational values that define him and his business; compassion, openness, challenge, and growth. 

Through Believe in Growth, Dr. Satguru combines science with personal growth and wellness. His diverse medical background in general practice, lifestyle medicine, and occupational medicine allows him to bring something unique to the table. His highly effective coaching programme is aimed at compassionate entrepreneurs who want to serve and reach their highest potential and it’s based on the world’s largest study of High-Performers.

Blake Worrall-Thompson 

Blake Worrall-Thompson is a highly sought-after lifestyle and performance coach in the country. For the last 17, he has dedicated himself to finessing his unique and innovative coaching style, through which he provides clients with the skills they need to build prosperous lives. 

Blake’s clients go through an awakening transformation followed by rapid growth, and his approach works with everyone, from world-class entertainers and professional athletes to organizations and entrepreneurs. He is known for constantly challenging the status quo and society’s norm to delve into areas many are afraid to explore. 

His radically honest approach is full if wisdom and effective methods that allow his clients to make a complete change. Clients who work with him let go of limitations and they open themselves up to aligning and redesigning their subconscious to become fulfilled in every aspect of life. 

Blake knows exactly what it’s like to hit rock bottom, something he experienced years ago when he had to file for bankruptcy and his life went on a downward spiral. However, he never lacked hope and a deep understanding of mindset, mental health, and fulfillment. This way, he managed to find his path again and he’s passionate about sharing the tools people need to free themselves from limiting beliefs. 

Prepare Like a Pro 

Bringing AFL physical preparation to everyone, Prepare Like a Pro is a multi-faceted service that offers Strength and Conditioning programs, remote and in-person coaching with AFL-standard coaches, educational seminars, and a weekly AFL podcast. Their coaches all have real-life and industry experience at the AFL level. This is not just a job for them, it’s their life’s passion!

Prepare Like a Pro is on a mission to help footballers perform at the highest possible level and they provide three different streams for athletes. They offer individualized strength and conditioning, a coaching program designed with evidence-based load management principles to make sure each player maxes out their athletic development without overloading themselves. 

They also offer an online program for strength and conditioning, coaching that’s customizable to fit specific age groups, playing positions, and athletic goals. 

Prepare Like a Pro also offers an academy program, which is subscription-based and designed for those that love the podcast and want more typically aspiring AFL athletes and medical or high-performance staff. 

At Prepare Like a Pro, they are laser-focused on connecting footballers to AFL standard, Strength and Conditioning. The physical preparation methods they provide help athletes at all levels to understand their bodies, manage their training loads, and avoid chronic injury. This allows them to maximize performance and have longer playing careers. 

For more information, click here.

Louise Valentine

Founded by Louise Valentine, an award-winning wellness expert, and best-selling author, Badass Breakthrough Academy specializes in helping athletes master minimalist strategies that will help them maximize their high-performance potential. Louise has helped pro athletes recover when their careers were on the line, health coached firefighters, and studied the health of the U.S. Military forces, so she has a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Louise was diagnosed with multiple health conditions and she learned to optimize her mind-body performance the hard way. She is successfully reversing her chronic conditions while achieving her fastest running times ever. Her personal experience taught her a lot about the incredible performance abilities our bodies have, even when faced with poor odds. 

That’s the foundation of her approach and she is happy to empower her clients with simple strategies that will help them optimize their high-performance potential on demand. She offers a valuable online course and a unique group coaching experience designed for a busy lifestyle.

Badass Breakthrough Academy is on a mission to empower athletes and teach them to be proactive and preventive. Their customized and sustainable game plan allows athletes to learn what works best for them, systematize it, and design a go-to solution they can always turn to, regardless of the obstacles life or their performance journey brings their way. This is the key to maximizing high-performance potential! A free advanced training is available here.

Emily Perrin

Emily Perrin has lived and breathed competitive sport since she was born. Her dad was an assistant basketball coach and Sport Psychologist, so she was born into it and decided to follow in his footsteps. She played DI soccer at UVA, followed by 3 years of coaching collegiately at the University of Pennsylvania. 

In her role as a coach, she realized that her Ivy League athletes had one thing in common; they struggled to navigate the physical, mental, and emotional demands of competitive sport. She could relate to this because as a DI athlete, she felt she was constantly behind in life and suffered from chronic anxiety and serious panic attacks that required hospitalization. 

However, she took control of her healing and decided to turn to mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and yoga. These four practices, combined with therapy provided her with the core skills she needed to be able to cope with her own anxiety and panic. Through her own healing journey she had an epiphany. She wanted to use what she had learned to inspire and help others. 

Emily has created a business around helping others learn these exact tools and skills in order to navigate life more efficiently. She became a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Breath Work Coach, and a Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher. Her company, Perrin Wellness and Performance educates and empowers athletes to take control of their minds, body, and emotions.




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