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7-Figure Female Leaders Share Spiritual Secrets to Unleashing Their Inner Millionaire

In this new age of collective consciousness, it is not a surprise many entrepreneurs are turning towards spirituality to support themselves as they powerfully serve their communities. As leaders have tapped into this new way of doing and being, they have demonstrated how easeful it can be to create the life they desire and make a lot of money in the process. People across the world are ‘waking up’, leaving their conventional career paths behind, and looking towards these leaders for guidance.

These 7-figure female leaders have experienced first hand how strategy can only do so much in business. Their experiences of infusing their life and work with spirituality have allowed them to rapidly achieve financial abundance, while serving a soulful purpose.

Check out the following spiritual secrets so you can learn how to unleash your inner millionaire.


Sigourney Belle

Sigourney Belle is an International Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Evolutionary Leader. Her company, The Dark Empire, teaches people how to shamanically rebirth themselves into their essence and birth businesses that are aligned to their unique genius and soul blueprint. Through her feminine mystery school, The Wildgrace Movement, she supports teachers and leaders in the field of sacred sexuality and spiritual healing.

At age 23 she experienced, as she describes, her first spiritual awakening, which led her to study the Tibetan Buddhist path to enlightenment, Yoga Therapy, and forms of Eastern Healing practices. Years later she had a second awakening which led to her breaking away from the western medical industry and creating her own business and developing her own spiritual healing modality, The Feminine Frequency Formula.

Listening to the spirit of your business

“I see business through a shamanic lens. In shamanism they speak of everything having spirit. To me, business ideas are no different. Our business has a life of its own and it is always attempting to communicate its desires to and with us. When we learn to listen, we receive information about our business and when we follow that guidance, we are rewarded with abundance.”

When I started to treat my business this way and created a relationship with it, whereby I learned to communicate with my business instead of dictating where I wanted it to go, my income started to go up and I also found it to be more effortless to call in clients.

I grew a 7-figure business in 12 months without any strategy or guidance, by deeply listening to and following my intuition and the slow steady nudges of my soul as it pointed me to the directions to take to develop and grow my business.”

Business as a byproduct of surrender

“All of my business offerings are birthed through spiritual practice, meditation and by summoning in my creative offerings through ritual.

In my experience, when I try to create businesses that have not been gifted to me through an intuitive process, then they require me to invest a lot more effort and energy into them to make them flourish and it feels like a “push” which very often leads to burnout.

Business is the byproduct of surrendering entirely to the mystery and allowing my creativity to flow through me seamlessly and to offer that to the world. It is not what many consider to be a “business” and that is why I teach what I do, helping people to reinvent what business is to them, individually.”

Ruby Lee

Ruby Lee is a business mentor who helps thousands of entrepreneurs live a soul-led life while creating profitable businesses from that place. She is said to be the perfect blend of spiritual and strategy and uses this to help her clients be successful, yet authentic in their business.

Growing up in a traditional Malaysian/Korean/Australian household, Ruby was readied for the conventional life. After realizing that life was not for her and making her exit to Bali, it took Ruby only 2 years to build her million dollar brand Own Your Hustle ®.

Using neuroscience in manifestation

“Perhaps not in its strictest sense spiritual but I’ve been exploring manifestation and neuroscience. I’m obsessed with growing my manifestation muscle and over the last few years I’ve been used to manifesting my most audacious desires rather instantly.

I do this through the use of melatonin and serotonin, hormones produced by our pineal gland in our brain. So in those magic moments just before we wake up and just before we fall asleep there’s a connection between our human bodies and the ether/ the unknown. Here I’ve trained myself to connect to my manifestation, perhaps a dream client, a dream collaboration opportunity, or a feature in the press.”

Still waters run deep

“One of my favorite quotes of all time is ‘still waters run deep.’ This saying is what I would liken to my spiritual secret to financial success. This year my coaching business hit a million dollars. What I found through this journey was the more still I was (i.e. not frantically busting my chops to post, push, hard sell), the more I found financial flow.

On a typical day you’d find me hanging out with my kids and hubby, journalling by the water (the element I use the most for inspiration and connection to Source), and on my yoga mat more than you would find me on my laptop.

In the stillness I find the answers so now when I show up in my business it’s done with such clear intention. I sell out my launches, earn with ease, and book out my private coaching spots months in advance.”

Megan Yelaney

Megan Yelaney is a business coach who helps online coaches start and scale their business to 6-figures and beyond by finding their unique coaching method that feels fun and aligned to their true priorities. By staying open to change and connected to her mission, in 2019 Megan grew her business five times financially in 2019.

Megan is deeply passionate about helping women fully embrace who they are while building their business. She supports them in leveraging the traits or qualities they might think are “different”, “odd”, or “not acceptable” in order to stand out and build their business from a place of true authenticity.

The compound effect and spirituality

“Once I incorporated spiritual beliefs and practices into my business, I saw small, seemingly insignificant changes at first to be honest. But just like anything, after a few weeks, they seemed huge. I entered the compound effect (thank you Darren Hardy).

Once I made spirituality and spiritual practices a part of my everyday routine, I started to think and act differently. I started to approach tough situations with a different lens, and learn how to deal with tough conversations and situations throughout the work day with trust. It’s helped me turn seemingly wrong choices/investments/etc into true learning lessons, knowing it was exactly what I was meant to go through, no matter how tough it was during the moment.”

Money comes in unexpected ways

“Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways. I’ve been repeating this affirmation for quite some time, but this has shown up in ways I never thought possible over the last two years. My business has completely changed, and we grew by five times financially in 2019.

I am doing something so different than I was a few years ago, and if I had “forced myself to stick to the plan” we wouldn’t be where we’re at financially or emotionally today. All the twists and turns that seemed super low at the time, ended up being massive blessings that pointed me in the right direction.”

As the world makes its shift into an expanded consciousness, the old ways of operating will soon fade away. These three 7-figure female leaders are not only blazing the trail by running their lives and businesses with a foundation in spirituality, but they are also inspiring and guiding their communities to do the same.

The approach doing business and becoming a millionaire is changing. By integrating spirituality into your life and business you can join this new wave of leaders who create, serve, and earn in ways that have never been done before.

Kelly Wing is the CEO + founder of Ohwabisabi Media. She amplifies and creates synergy between the world's most powerful voices through press and media across 20+ platforms. Creating the world's first media platform that serves as a voice for conscious creators, her co-creation strategies are designed to serve and support humanity as we collectively enter the New Earth paradigm. www.ohwabisabi.com / kelly@ohwabisabimedia.com


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