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BJ Gall Reveals 4 Secrets Top CEOs Use To Stay Fit Year Round

Critically acclaimed executive fitness coach & founder of the Adonis Method BJ Gallgher announced he released ebook the Adonis Black Book Blueprint based on the how high performing men can transform their bodies sustainably long term without giving up their favorite foods or being on any restrictive training or nutrition program. BJ offers massive insights & clarity on how busy men with massive time constraints can increase their muscle mass, and decrease their stubborn belly fat stomachs immediately by following his successful ACES process.   

BJ is a highly regarded fitness coach and personal trainer. “I have been chipping away at building my skills with everything evidence based training/nutrition/psychological habit development for over a decade.” BJ said. He mentions the importance of “unlearning things” as opposed to being caught in “analysis paralysis”… “You see the biggest problem I see in today’s world is the blessing and the burden of the internet, we have knowledge and education at our fingertips yet, quality information, that is tailored to our personal lives, that is scientifically backed is usually foreshadowed with mainstream media’s polarizing attempt to confuse the masses to increase engagement and readership for their own capital gain. I believe the people need proper advice for transformation more than ever & that is what I want to give to the world” He remarked.

BJ’s journey to success as an online fitness trainer was not typical. He started doing Osteopathy at Uni and worked as a Sports trainer at his local football club. After realizing his passion was not in medicine but from coaching after doing his two hour presentation at the Sopot summit in 2018 in front of 200 guys. BJ started a career in coaching high performing men how to transform their bodies. By age 27 he was running group & 1-1 fitness coaching I went from diagnosing, writing reports on my anatomy & physiology assessments to creating wellness programs that were tailor made for high end corporate guys to improve their movement patterns, train their nervous system & improve their eating habits… Who knew studying one year of medicine would be so useful. 

An unfortunate sequence of events in BJ’s life when he was 18 after working a job he hated, and going out every week haphazardly sleeping and girlfriend left him which led him to be diagnosed with mild depression. The company that employed him fired him for being tardy and irresponsible . He was out of a job. At the same time, he had to move back in with his parents. “This was probably one of my darkest days of my life” Bohol said. “I knew I was staring defeat in the face and quite frankly I had suicidal thoughts pulsing my brain, until he picked up and read Carol Dweck’s book Mindset.” At that point, This book honestly saved my life, learning about fixed and abundance mindsets early on gave me a huge unfair advantage early in my life . 

The eBook shares BJ’s perspective on 4 mistakes busy professionals make: Power vs force, What it means to an Adonis, The importance of stress on body composition, understanding training/volume & intensity, how to balance your macro & micro nutrient intake, Why your emotions matter, Importance of digestive health, Understanding importance of vision & clarity when getting results, Ergonomic desk setups plus more…

The first mistake he discusses is activity; “Most people don’t move enough throughout the day” BJ says “Imagine your pet dog is overweight what would you do to help him get more in shape?” Obviously, take him for more walks and get him sniffing more butts! But seriously we need to encourage people to find their fit, in other words ways of progressively overloading their bodies with a training stimulus to elicit a muscle growth response” The reason why most men have poor energy, low testosterone, inability to lose stubborn fat is because they haven’t built or maintained enough muscle mass.

The second mistake is calories; “Guys either overdo their calories or under do them, they never find their sweet spot. Imagine you are playing tennis and someone gives you a viscous serve if it hits the center of the racket it feels good right.” It’s no different to your calories. We want to make sure we aren’t swinging the racket and hitting the frame i.e binge eating or severely undereating calories. We do this by finding our objective of eating with regards to energy balance philosophy e.g deficit/surplus or maintenance 

The third mistake is experimentation “With so many influences in the tech world these days it’s easy to be a self proclaimed expert by building a following by posting half naked images of yourself and calling yourself a fitness authority. Thanks to Kim K we have given rise to people soliciting their bodies for clout and grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons because it makes for good marketing. So a lot of people are glorified Walmart racks and peddle you their petulant programs that take a cookie cutter approach instead of taking a trial and error approach. It really grinds my gears because us humans come in shapes and sizes, it’s important to see the person for who they are warts and all, and learn how to program with kindness, openness & understanding of meeting them where they are in life.  

The last mistake is sustainability “Quite simply if your program isn’t something you can do forever, then there’s something wrong with it. Cue p90x insanity workouts & keto diets, I don’t know about you but to deprive myself of carbs forever & to do HIIT training in front of my tv for the rest of my days sound like torture than a sustainable lifestyle don’t you??”

Just know that everyone is on their journey with fitness, it gets overwhelming when people shove different methods in your face, and tell you to do it! My approach is I imagine you are like a frog who wants to hop in the boiled kettle. If I give you too much information too fast, you won’t stay in the kettle. Whereas if I give you step by step proven methods that have worked for myself & my clients, then you will hop in the water, and I will flick the switch on without you realizing and slowly over time you will boil to death! In other words you will transform without you even knowing! What a sweet transformation 🙂

One of BJ’s favorite quotes is “One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing” 

Don’t be afraid to be an idiot, we are all idiots it’s the smart ones who remain students for life

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