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Meet the Ultimate Digital Connector – Omar Choudhury

Many look up and dream that they will achieve the financial success one day, but some live that dream every day. Meet Omar Choudhury, aka Omar Connects, a serial entrepreneur taking the digital world by storm. Omar’s main company Grow With Us Agency, best known for being the fastest growing and Number 1 ranking Instagram Branding Agency of 2020, has taken over the industry.

Despite Omar only being 20 years old, he has without a doubt achieved more than most adults do across their lifetime. On pace to close over 1 million dollars himself in his first year of entrepreneurship and for Grow With Us (GWU) to make multi 7 figures, it is easy to imagine Omar is living the dream.  But it was not always like this; to achieve great success, one must overcome great challenges. And Omar’s story of rising to his current level of success is nothing short of inspirational.

Omar grew up in Newcastle, located on the North-Eastern side of England. Despite the house prices in his neighbourhood having increased heavily during his childhood, Omar himself actually grew up in a very low-income household. Raised by his caring mother, who worked over 12 hours a day, it is evident his family worked tirelessly to provide Omar with a good upbringing. “My Mother actually never let us know her financial struggles until we were much older and despite earning a low income herself, she always went out of her way to give us whatever she could and more importantly teach my brother and me strong money management skills,” he told us.

As a teenager, Omar studied Taekwondo with a goal to prove that despite being quite skinny, he could most definitely defend himself. And at the age of 18, Omar was recognized for being the fastest student to obtain an adult black belt within his sport in the North East. While finding success in Taekwondo, Omar was challenged continuously by the school. Mainly a C student, it wasn’t until taking subjects around Business and Economics that Omar found his calling.

Throughout his early years, Omar had shown signs of being an entrepreneur. Whether that was buying sweets at a wholesale and reselling to schoolmates at lunch break or working countless hours at his first job at a café, Omar fought to get ahead in life at a young age, for himself and his family.

During Omar’s late teens, he enrolled in the EY Degree Apprenticeship, an opportunity to work in accountancy and attain a degree, paid for by his firm. A pretty good career choice in comparison to the standard University route for sure! However, realizing early on that working a 9 to 5 which limited his ability to progress in life, Omar pursued relentlessly to find new opportunities to expand.

Committed to his 2020 New Year’s resolution to make something of his life, Omar stumbled upon Social Media Marketing. With a tailored focus around Instagram Closing and Consultancy, Omar began his journey towards building his business. By mid-February 2020, Omar had scaled his business and landed a 6-figure annual contract. Seeing the massive opportunity in front of him, Omar focused on building up his personal brand and forming relationships with others in the space. That’s when he developed a partnership with Dre and Arthur, and the 3 of them decided to take Grow With Us Agency to the moon.

By April 2020, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Omar decided to take a leap of faith, dropping out of University and his job, and focus on his new business fully. By putting all his energy and time into it, Omar was able to bring in over $850K in revenue by the start of October 2020. All through leveraging Instagram as a growth platform.

Omar shared some of his habits and mindsets that helped him achieve success even in the hardest of circumstances. Here are his best recommendations for start-up entrepreneurs to follow:

  • Have an abundant mindset when looking at money. The more you invest in yourself and business, the greater your ROI will be.
  • Never give up! You must push yourself through any limitation, as winners never quit. And remember, every time you struggle, you are on the verge of a new breakthrough to becoming a better version of yourself.
  • Understand the importance of being loyal in business. What goes around, comes around. It is better to honor your commitments, stay loyal to your employees and customers, and always be ethical.
  • Have a single vision and laser focus in your business, as you will hit the gold mine a lot quicker digging 1 hole, not 6.
  • It is important to worry less about others’ negative opinions and let your actions speak for yourself. Remember, a ship cannot sink unless the water gets inside. So, block out the noise!
  • Always look at the bigger picture. There are no losses, only wins or learning experiences. Even when things go wrong, think about the long-term goal of what you are looking to accomplish.
  • Work with a team that knows what they are doing. So often new entrepreneurs feel like they must do everything themselves, without realizing that probably hinders their longevity in the market. It’s also important to understand that you can be your own boss, without having all of the burdens a CEO has.

Long term, Omar would like to reform the education system. There is a massive gap in education around high-income skills and confidence levels. Children are not taught the essential attributes of creating a happy and successful life. Omar wishes to teach the necessary fundamentals behind success and give them a strong basis to achieve whatever they want to in life.

Abuhuraira Ramay is founder of The Brand Wire, a branding agency. He is a serial entrepreneur. Abuhuraira is also an author. He is often invited as a speaker to share his views by reputed organisations, leading institutions & academia in Pakistan and overseas. Abuhuraira has successfully navigated the social-media world with an extensive online presence . His work has appeared in Bitcoin Insider, Readwrite, Thriveand other famous publications.


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