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Red light therapy for beauty (fine lines, anti-aging, and wrinkles)

Life moves fast, which gives us very little time to sit back and take care of ourselves. People are extremely busy in their work lives, which often leaves them with no time to provide their body the care that it deserves. This often results in multiple problems, which include declining health and the body aging faster.

Not only is it essential to take a moment to relax, but also to give your body the care that it deserves. That won’t just help with whole of body restoration but will also make the face glow. The face bears our entire personalities weight; therefore, we all want ours to look fresh and young.

The face’s skin cells are sensitive and can easily get damaged due to any amount of stress placed on them. Daily impacts such as pollution, dirt, and even fatigue can make a face look dull and tired. That also gives rise to many other dermatological issues, such as acne, dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. These not only make the skin look more aged, but also can havenegative effects onyour confidence and associated impacts on your social life. All of these compounding stressors may ultimately affect a person’s productivity; therefore, it is crucial to take control of them before these changes become permanent.

Ways to decrease the anti-aging effects on the skin

There have been many ways proposed over the years to make the skin look fresh and young. However, they have mostly failed to give instant, long-lasting results. People often waste hundreds of dollars on expensive creams and make-up; often these layers lead to further skin damage. Some people are even prescribed expensive medications that bring along with them their list of side effects. In contrast, a popular solution is to get fillers to make their skin look taut, which is very painful and requires multiple sessions. None seem to provide rejuvenation to the skin; inside, it only looks good for a temporary period.

That is why many researchers were on the lookout for other means of repairing damaged skin cells and making the skin look more beautiful without any side effects. After years of clinical studies and trials, it was seen that individuals subjected to a specific wavelength of light waves had some mind-blowing effects on the surface of their skin. Their epithelial cells (outer layer) did not just repair, but their overall skin looked fresh. These light waves were the simple Red and Near-infrared light (NIR) waves, also called low-intensity light therapy waves; packed with so many benefits(1).

How does Red Light therapy work

Studies have shown that when Red and NIR light waves were subjected to the skin; they emitted photons (light units comprising waves of electromagnetic radiation) that got absorbed in the surface lining of the epithelial cells. These photons could activate the many enzymes present in the epithelium cells, which promoted the release of specific macromolecules.

These macromolecules were involved in helping restore collagen and keratin, the building blocks of healthy skin. They also enhanced angiogenesis in this region, which meansthe formation of new blood vessels. This occurred in areas where the skin had undergone previous damage. Along with other mediators, it immensely helped with the skins healing. It was also seen that through Red light therapy, the fibroblasts (a type of cell that synthesizes collagen) and the dermal matrix underwent a remodeling process leading to improved skin appearance(2).

Apart from enhancing the luster of the skin, red light wave therapy also had photopreventive properties. This means that all the previous damage caused by the harmful UV radiation is not just repaired, but also prevented in the future.

Devices that emit red and NIR waves without harmful UV radiationare easily available online. One of the stores with the widest variety of Red and NIR light therapy products is available at therapylights.com.au.

How is red light therapy better than other conventional methods of beauty?

This method of acquiring aesthetic skin has many advantages over the conventional methods previously known. There are laser treatments that provide anti-aging effects, however, these require multiple sessions with an expert. Red light therapy only requires either a LED red light band, panel, face mask or pad, and these can all be used in the comfort of your own home.Red light therapy does not burn the skin or cause redness, which is observed in regular laser treatments. These gadgets are a one-time investment that do not require professional help or assistance.

Since the mechanism involved in red light therapy is non-invasive, it comes with no side effects. A controlled trial that consisted of 136 volunteers to determine red and NIR therapy effects on the skin resulted in no adverse effects(3).The results of the treatments did not just help reduce fine lines and wrinkles but also made the skin tighter; something only botox injections previously achieved (3).

Apart from red light therapy being painless, the devices that offer these effects do not require a lot of space, and they can easily be used in your home or office, any time of the day. However, it is important to get the best quality red light therapy-inducing equipment; therefore, getting these devices and gadgets from a trusted source such as Therapy Lights Australia (TLA – therapylights.com.au) is important.

Even if you currently don’t exhibit visible signs of aging, these easy-to-usedevices can prevent future damage to the skin, and importantly prevent the effects of UV damage. It is the most beneficial and natural way to rejuvenate skin that does not involve injections or any adverse side effects.Hence,Red Light Therapy is the safest bet to achieve the most natural-looking aesthetic skin in less time.

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